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Hey there I am aspiring to be a voice actor, so yeah if you need a part to be filled I can do it for free and quickly :D

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I'm doing gaming commentary

Posted by BigLTbaby - March 24th, 2013

Hey there guys and gals, so I'm buying a Hauppage HD PVR to record me and my friends gameplay and commentary to go along with it, I need some ideas for games to play, preferably Xbox 360, but we have a few other systems that we can play on as well, any game titles are welcome as well as genre of game.

And if the game you suggest is chosen by us, you will get a special shout out at the end when we complete the game, it can be good or bad whether we like the game or not.

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Do co-op stuff. Preferably not FPSs unless it's something silly like Borderlands.

To me the only good Co-op games are FPS's with very few exceptions like the Fable series. or they are over the shoulder shooters, like Gears. We are actually wanting games that are 3rd person games so that the viewers can see everything around the character.

We were thinking of playing Left 4 Dead as our first game, even though it is a FPS, but we decided that the missions themselves are to short for this. we were also thinking Bioshock because it is a rather long game if you take your time.

Arcade-type games are also good. Stuff like Castle Crashers.

right now we are hoping that someone suggests a title that we actually own already and dont have to buy yet. we will in the future for sure, but right now we are only going to play and upload only one game and see how it turns out.